Justin Free

Justin Free is a meat cutter and joined the team originally in 2016. He left for a short time and came back in September of 2018. We plan to keep him forever! He is an incredibly hard worker! No matter what you are doing Justin will always jump in to help. If he’s having a bad day you would never know it. Even in the midst of real-life challenges, Justin always has a smile on his face caring more about how he can help you than worrying about himself. He is a hunter, fisherman, and sings some pretty amazing karaoke. He says he is going to be the entertainment for the Christmas party, but we are still waiting for that. Justin is currently taking one of our leadership classes working on learning servant leadership. Justin is a natural at serving others. He is hilarious, kind, and makes our world a much better place. I’m pretty sure that somehow, we lost him at birth. We are so glad we found him now because he is definitely a Clark!