Galen Brown

Galen Brown is our grinder, part of the slaughter team, and our resident celebrity. Galen “Bad Boy” brown joined our team in December of 2017. Many of you may know him from his boxing career. Even though every Rocky fan believes that fighters all work in packing houses, that’s all Hollywood. It was a big transition for Galen and a whole new world. Right from the very beginning he jumped right into our crazy world with a smile and a never quit attitude. These days he is more of a lover than a fighter and has become an irreplaceable part of our team. Galen is a family man, everybody’s friend, and so much fun to work with. He has great stories and always keeps us entertained. Galen is such a great example to everyone in honesty and hard work. You can always count on him to be right there to help no matter what. It’s so good to have a guy like Galen on our team. We are blessed to have him as a Clark!