Meat the Clark’s

When we first started the meat shop it was just the two of us. We had no idea how blessed the business would be or how fast it would grow. We just wanted to work together and do a great job for our customers. It didn’t take long to grow beyond what we could do alone so we added one more employee, and then another, and then another, and another… We didn’t know then that the true purpose of this new venture would be to impact the lives of our team. We no longer have employees. We have a team and a family! We process meat and make delicious retail products here. We strive to do that with excellence in every detail. We do that every day, but our true calling is to stand in the gap for our team when they need us most. We are called to mentor, to encourage, to help, to serve. It is a privilege and an honor that God has entrusted us with such exceptional people and given us the opportunity to have real impact on their lives. These are the people that God handpicked for us to do life with. “Meat” the team!

Stephanie Mollus

Stephanie Mollus is the customer service manager and joined the team in September of 2014. She was already a great customer and friend. Her family had been coming to the shop for deer processing almost from the very beginning. We loved watching her little girls grow up. The Mollus family became our fast friends. We couldn’t have been more excited to have her join the team. Stephanie is the smile that you see at the counter and the voice that you hear on the phone. Stephanie is the keeper of our sanity. She has become extremely knowledgeable about the meat industry. She does a great job of helping to lead our team and loving on our customers. People often ask us if she is a Clark. She might not be one by birth, but we are sure blessed to claim her as one of our own.

Brad Wheeler

Brad Wheeler is our production manager. He joined our team in January of 2014. We had the privilege of watching Brad grow up. Butch helped coach him in football when he was in the 6th grade. Even back then Brad was an extremely hard worker. He was the kind of kid you wanted your children to be friends with… even if he is a little bit of a daredevil! Brad started with us as an apprentice meat cutter. It was amazing how quickly he learned all we had to teach him. He is responsible for custom processing, slaughter and retail production. He is an excellent meat cutter, and an outstanding leader. He handles all the production challenges with a smile and a never quit attitude. His last name might be Wheeler, but in our hearts, he truly is a Clark!

Anthony Milbourn

Anthony Milbourn is a meat cutter and the slaughter floor lead. He joined the team in April of 2015. Anthony started with us as an apprentice meat cutter. He had no experience in the meat industry, but it didn’t take him long to advance. Anthony can do anything! He is a great teacher and leader. He jumps in wherever we need him. You may have seen him at the front counter, helping the wrappers, on the slaughter floor, on the deer line, and in the sausage room. Anthony is one of the most unique, hardworking, and coolest guys we know. Anthony might not have been born a Clark, but we all claim his as one anyway.

Sandy Lance

Sandy Lance is our lead wrapper. She joined the team in October of 2016. Coming to us from another industry, it was impressive how quickly she learned all about the business and became an invaluable member of our team. Sandy is responsible for all the beautifully wrapped packages and itemized inventories you receive when you pick up your custom orders. She has one of the most stressful positions in the meat shop, but you would never know it. She is grace under pressure! Sandy is a patient teacher and always has a ready smile and a kind word for everyone. She does a great job of keeping all the orders organized and all of us too! She grew up in the Faucett area and has deep ties with our beloved farm community. Every customer is important to her and even though you might not meet her when you come to the meat shop, we hope that you can feel the love and care she puts into your order. According to her driver’s license Sandy is not actually a Clark, but we are pretty sure its just a typo because she is most definitely a Clark to us!

Abbee Livingston

Abbee Livingston is part of our customer service team. Abbee joined us in 2015. She was our youngest team member ever. We met Abbee when we hired her youth group for a project to help them raise funds for a mission trip. We were so impressed with her work ethic that we tried to hire her on the spot. Sadly, we had to wait a few years for her to turn 16. Abbee is an exceptional young woman and it has been such a privilege to watch her grow. She is such a blessing and a huge help to all of us. She is the most patient, kind, steadfast person on our team. Abbee is a girl after God’s own heart. She is a full-time college student, works as many hours with us as she can, and spends a tremendous amount of time serving in local and international missions. Abbee is a world changer! She is a great example to all of us. One day soon she will be all grown up and leave our little shop to go accomplish all that God created her for. We won’t know what to do without her! People ask all the time if Abbee is one of our daughters. We sure love her like a daughter so yes, yes she is a Clark.

Tony Eighmy

Tony Eighmy is the sausage maker and an apprentice meat cutter. He joined the team in October of 2016. Tony is responsible for making all the delicious sausage, jerky, snack sticks, and bratwurst in both our retail and custom processing operations. Tony has become a true craftsman and has developed tremendous skill in the art of sausage making. He has been busy this year developing new recipes. Several of the new favorites around here have been his original creations. Tony is early for everything, has great ideas on how to fix anything, there isn’t a challenge he won’t meet. No matter how many sausage products we ask him to make in week he can always come up with a plan, tell you exactly how many smoke house loads he will run, how much product he needs, and how many hours all that will take. Impressive! Tony’s last name is Eighmy we spell that CLARK.

Hunter Barton

Hunter Barton is an apprentice meat cutter, sanitation coordinator, and “chief meme maker.” He joined the team in April of 2017. Hunter came to us with no experience in the meat industry. He answered an ad we placed on Indeed and we are so glad he did, because the shop just wouldn’t be the same without Hunter! He has a great sense of humor, loves a new challenge, and can win a debate on any subject. He has become very involved with planning and creating our social media posts. You can thank Hunter for all the great memes! Hunter is unique and creative. He is always willing to tackle something new and lend a helping hand. He has grown tremendously. Hunter is always working on becoming the best version of himself. And…he has the coolest hair! We are proud to call him a Clark!

Galen Brown

Galen Brown is our grinder, part of the slaughter team, and our resident celebrity. Galen “Bad Boy” brown joined our team in December of 2017. Many of you may know him from his boxing career. Even though every Rocky fan believes that fighters all work in packing houses, that’s all Hollywood. It was a big transition for Galen and a whole new world. Right from the very beginning he jumped right into our crazy world with a smile and a never quit attitude. These days he is more of a lover than a fighter and has become an irreplaceable part of our team. Galen is a family man, everybody’s friend, and so much fun to work with. He has great stories and always keeps us entertained. Galen is such a great example to everyone in honesty and hard work. You can always count on him to be right there to help no matter what. It’s so good to have a guy like Galen on our team. We are blessed to have him as a Clark!

Grace Jenkins

Grace Jenkins, our Gracie girl, is part of our customer service team. She joined the team in June of 2017 as a senior in high school. Grace is full of life and so much potential. She is a gifted musician, plays several instruments, and sings like an angel. She is currently a sophomore at MWSU. She is paying her own way through college. She is studying to become a high school math teacher. She has a heart for kids and for God. Grace works hard at everything she does. She cares deeply for everyone around her. She loves our customers well and does everything in her power to make others feel special. Grace is grounded and has great foundational principles. It’s an honor to be chosen by God to help her gain the experience she needs to accomplish all she was created for. Some day she will leave the nest and fly away but, in our hearts, she will always be a Clark.

Justin Free

Justin Free is a meat cutter and joined the team originally in 2016. He left for a short time and came back in September of 2018. We plan to keep him forever! He is an incredibly hard worker! No matter what you are doing Justin will always jump in to help. If he’s having a bad day you would never know it. Even in the midst of real-life challenges, Justin always has a smile on his face caring more about how he can help you than worrying about himself. He is a hunter, fisherman, and sings some pretty amazing karaoke. He says he is going to be the entertainment for the Christmas party, but we are still waiting for that. Justin is currently taking one of our leadership classes working on learning servant leadership. Justin is a natural at serving others. He is hilarious, kind, and makes our world a much better place. I’m pretty sure that somehow, we lost him at birth. We are so glad we found him now because he is definitely a Clark!